Lose Weight and Tone Your Muscles


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If you think you need to lose weight, start into thinking that more than anything you actually needed muscles. Having more lean muscles implies having a good metabolism.

If you want to chip off fats forever, you must build muscles and to build muscles means to commit to weight or resistance training. Here are some tips to help you build more muscle, increase metabolism, burn more calories, and reduce body fat.

  1. Consider your interests

    Exercise requires commitment. Clinging to your interests such as running makes it easier for you to stick to your new exercise routine. Find your burning why in doing it, may it be that you want to lose weight, may it be for health, or for looks. Find your burning reason to start and continue an exercise. If you love walking, you’ll give much more effort to give at least 20 minutes of your time.

  2. Stop making excuses

    If you really want to lose weight or gain muscles, you must consider exercise a part of your daily routine. As we’ve said earlier, muscles are built only through exercise. So start getting in shape by planning routines that fit your schedule and needs.

  3. Get hydrated

    It is mandatory that you drink water before, during, and after an exercise. Excessive dehydration can be detrimental to your health. Experiencing muscle cramps may also indicate dehydration.

    Some give advice that you drink a lot of water the day before.

    However, unless involving a rigorous activity, an individual is not required to drink during an hour or less of exercise.

    What to drink?

    Water still tops the list of what you should drink when doing a routine. Health experts are now discouraging some energy drinks because it may contain too much sugar in them. Energy drinks contain energy-boosting ingredients that fight fatigue but are now believed to contain artificial sweeteners with significant amount of sugar. Grab a banana instead for it contains potassium to keep you going, or plainly stick to water.

  4. Get a warm-up and perform a cool down

    Aside from heightening your performance, getting a warm-up saves you from injuries and muscle cramps you may incur.

    A typical warm up is composed of a 5-10 minutes of jogging, 5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching exercises, 5-10 minutes of drills, and 4-8 easy run outs.

    A typical cool down on the other hand is composed of 5-10 minutes of jogging or walking and 5-10 minutes of static stretching.

  5. Use stairs

    Instead of using elevators and escalators, try using stairs. Aside from making you lose weight, you’ll develop stronger muscles. And lean muscles ensure a faster metabolism. Furthermore, climbing heights is even good for your heart.

  6. Don't starve

    Eat before you exercise. After an exercise you’ll feel hungry and thirsty, and eating prior to your exercise schedule saves you from consuming a lot of food. However, you should eat at least 1-4 hours before doing an exercise to avoid stomach upset, nausea and others, which may hinder your exercise routine. A continuous level of energy is best sustained by whole grain carbohydrates. After the workout, don’t forget to consume protein from tofu, milk, egg, cheese, and lean red meats.

Research Update

Health Benefits of Exercise

  1. Exercise delays aging.

  2. Exercise reduces incidence of heart disease.

  3. Exercise reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

  4. Exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer.

  5. Exercise prolongs your life.

  6. Exercise encourages weight loss and weight management.

  7. Exercise reduces stress.

  8. New study reveals the best exercise for toning your stomach.

Know the right training for you

Different workouts work for different persons. The results of an exercise may vary from one person to another so it’s helpful to first study the program that fits you. You must take into consideration your reason in engaging to an exercise routine.

For those trying to lose weight or tone and define muscles, they must use on light dumbbells and have more repetitions.

For those trying to gain weight, they must use heavy dumbbells/barbells with less repetition.

Please take note however that certain training schemes may not fit all. So if you are trying to take this seriously, you must also consult a health expert and learn restrictions of each.

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