Exercise saves you from depression

Study: Subjects Burned More Fat Listening to Faster-Paced Music During Workouts


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By Mindy Wallace
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ExerciseTo lose weight it isn't enough to just cut off your food intake, get those muscles moving. 
Contrary to the popular belief, gym is not necessarily the only place to exercise. Some make excuses that they cannot find time, they're too busy. That exercise is expensive. 
The truth is, you can do an exercise routine inside your house, at your workplace, at a park, or anywhere else. Sitting up straight and holding your breath for a moment can already be a form of exercise. Walking is one of the major forms of exercise and it's free. A regular walk of at least 30 minutes everyday is already good for your heart. You can also jog around a park or in your village. 
• Reduced stress
• Improved immune system
• Improved strength
• Improved stamina and endurance
• Don't make excuses.
• Find time.
• Make it a habit.
Focus on your goals and lose weight 
Find your BURNING WHY. It gives you enough reason to stay in the Program. 
During the Weight Loss Program, there would be times when you want to give up because you do not merely see improvements. There would be times that you could be lenient and make 'cheats' on your diet because you already lost a bit of your weight. 
Return to the reason why you are enrolled to the Program, whether you want to lose 15 pounds or simply lower your cholesterol. This can make you stay focused on your goals, and later achieve it. 
If you want things for good, you should also develop discipline and take charge in achieving it. 


Research Update
Are you a couch potato?

Couch Potato

Go get your body moving. Having a sedentary lifestyle will lead you to your own grave soon. Physical inactivity doesn't benefit you at all. Moving or at least standing from time to time helps your blood to circulate, bringing oxygen all over your body. This is essential for our body and organs to function well.

But due to a lot of unhealthy lifestyles we can engage into, people have been a lot less inactive now. Computers, televisions, elevators, and even fast food restaurants can be accounted to these unhealthy lifestyles.

Take the stairs if you must.

Are you really hungry or plain thirsty?


Our body naturally sends signals to our brain when we are hungry. Unfortunately, these signals are often mistaken with thirst. Sometimes, our body is only dehydrated, and because of that misconception. We tend to eat instead of drink.

Health experts say that when you feel hungry, grab a glass of water instead. This will help you confirm if it's plain thirst or if you feel real hunger.

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