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Study: 66.2% of Total Fat Loss Was From the Stomach Region


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By Linda Davies
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DairyDepriving yourself, especially of a meal, is not healthy. The reason: It slows down your metabolism, and it only makes things worse.

Diet plans restrict a number of food but diet experts suggest that you eat your usual meal, making sure you set the amount in small portions. Some even suggest that you consume small frequent meals.

If you crave for a specific food, you may consume it occasionally or at least in moderation. Depriving yourself leads you to imagine more food and crave on them. As a result, it will make you consume more because you won't stop until you get what your palate is asking. You make more "cheats" on your diet, making the diet once again unsuccessful.

• You make better health food choices throughout the day. This will prevent you from consuming more, as well as from taking a 'cheat' on your diet.

• Eat small frequent meals.

Be healthy by choosing healthy options

EnergyWe cannot blame people for choosing fast food products over cooking their own food. Fast food restaurants offer time-saving services, a variety of choices, and accessibility. Of course, we are now bombarded with a lot of them wherever we go. But whether we admit it or not, it simply is not healthy.

Studies show that those who tend to home cooked meals over fast foods are less likely to develop fats in them. Fast foods are high in sodium allowing the retention of fluid in the body. Fast foods are also high in fats and cholesterol.

As a result, the sedentary lifestyle or sort of people's physical inactivity is making it much worse.

Healthy eating, coupled with some exercise saves you from depression.

Research Update
Drink water regularly.

Drink Water

Water is still the best drink you could ever have when you're trying to lose weight. Why? Because water is sugar-free.

We've known early that our body is composed of 75% of water, which paves how essential water is everyday. We are also taught that we need to drink at least 8 glasses of it a day. Aside from speeding up our metabolism, water maintains healthy body functioning by:
• protecting our vital organs,
• regulating our body temperature,
• removing toxins
• keeping you from having a headache
• moisturizing your skin
It as well benefits the healthy functioning of the brain. Our brain is composed of 90% water so if you are not taking fluids, you may suffer from headaches and migraines.

To keep you hydrated, you may also want to schedule your water drinking habits. It is suggested that you drink water:
• upon waking up
• an hour before your meals
• before and after exercise

Eat breakfast to lose weight


Health experts are now debating on the importance of breakfast. After long hours of sleep, the body needs to get replenished. They found it essential as eating breakfast results in improved performance, longer attention span, weight loss, and other health benefits.

Our body is designed to work all day and this requires energy. If you eat breakfast, you will feel full longer and saves you from your cravings.

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